Sock Manufacturing Services

Looking for a trusted partner to bring your sock vision to life? Look no further than Drake & Hutch, your go-to sock manufacturing partner. Whether you're seeking a complete OEM solution or considering co-branding opportunities, we can offer our expertise, quality, and innovation in the world of socks.

We ensure we can work with small and large customers, and provide flexibility on how we can work around your requirements.

Why Partner with Drake & Hutch for Sock Manufacturing?

1. Craftsmanship: With years of experience, we know how to deliver your sock vision and can provide guidance and advice along the way.

2. Versatility: From classic designs to cutting-edge styles, we have the flexibility to produce socks that align with your brand's identity and customer preferences. Whether it's dress socks, athletic socks, thermal socks, diabetic socks or something entirely unique, we can make it happen.

3. OEM Excellence: Our OEM services allow you to create socks under your own brand name, showcasing your unique style and vision. We handle the entire production process, from design to delivery, ensuring a seamless experience across the socks and packaging.

4. Co-Branding Opportunities: Explore co-branding options to combine your brand's identity with our sock expertise. Collaborate with us to create custom designs that perfectly reflect your brand's values and aesthetics as a joint partnership.

5. Premium Materials: We exclusively use high quality materials, ensuring not only superior comfort but also sustainability and ethical sourcing in the products we manufacture.

6. Competitive Pricing: Benefit from our competitive pricing structure, allowing you to create premium-quality socks while optimising your production costs.

7. Low Minimum Order: If you are just getting started, we can help support you develop your brand by providing low MOQs that can be split across sizes to give you maximum product coverage.

8. Size Range: We have a wide range of socks sizes available, including kids and ladies cut socks. Alternatively, if you have your own template then we can manufacture to spec.

9. Hassle-Free Process: Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire manufacturing journey, making it easy and convenient.

10. Worldwide Logistics: Don't worry if you are based outside of the UK. We have are comfortable working with international brands and companies.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Ready to elevate your brand through socks? Contact us today to discuss your manufacturing needs and discover how Drake & Hutch can bring your sock vision to life

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