The British Brew Company Comes To Life!

13 February 2023  |  Olivia

During the middle of 2022, we launched the Hot Drinks division of Drake & Hutch after taking on feedback from our fantastic customer base.

The opportunity to purchase premium subscription products alongside your socks was also an exciting prospect for us, a task we couldn't wait to tuck into. Against this, we launched our range of high quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

2022 was a great year as we fully relaunched Drake & Hutch, but after sitting back and understanding how we can best serve you, we realised we needed to split the Hot Drinks Division into it's own brand. This would give it space to breathe, and allow us to properly communicate and sell the benefits of the Drake & Hutch socks (and garments!). can now find our fantastic range of Hot Drinks, Glassware and Mugs under our The British Brew Company brand!

Our full suite of products are now at TBBC, plus a lot more. Check it out at