D&H investigates | Best Face Wash

It's no big secret, men are taking care of themselves more then ever.... or are they?

There is an ever increasing amount of male grooming products hitting the market. many of us have only recently noticed this with the prominence of the bearded man (as seen in the coffee shops of Shoreditch since 2010, usually hidden behind a macbook). While Cristiano Ronaldo represents the extreme, doing his best to prime, groom and pluck his body to an inch of its life, the average guy on the street does seam to be paying more attention to his appearance.

Here is the shocker..... THIS IS NOT NEW. The 1960s brought us Brylcreem hair and the pencil trash. there is no modern look that requires as much care and attention to detail as these two alone! Go back further and in Roman times men often attended the spa for the day, relaxing with massages and exfoliating their skin with rather medieval looking devices.

So, why is it such a big deal for men to take an interest in their appearance in 2016? the truth is, it really isn't. The self confidence that comes from looking and feeling good can play a big part in your daily life. A compliment in a lift about your aftershave can make you smile. wearing well polished shoes while standing up to give a presentation can put that spring in your step. We feel the more guys take an interest in their appearance the better!

But as with so many things in life, moderation is key. don't over do the scent and don't remove eyebrow hairs to the level of constant surprise. also, and i can't stress this enough... don't bore others with your daily routine. male grooming has its place in the bathroom, feel free to share tips with mates if they ask, but don't be that guy who mentions it at the pub. it will only end badly.

A good face wash will go along way. Here are the face washes we feel represent the best value on the market.

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